Lazy work, I scheduled an appointment and they seen me an hour after I got there. I waited because I read the reviews and really wanted to get box braids done. After waiting a hour the woman who suppose to do my hair came in and ate a whole meal before touching my hair. I showed a picture of the size box braids I wanted. They started off small then towards the end I ended up with large box braids at the top of my head. The woman yanked and pulled my hair around with no care. DO NOT COME HERE IF YOU ARE A NATURAL!!!!
I love coming to this hair braiding lounge so much! I’ve had some cornrows done here, as well as box braids, and I’ve never been disappointed. These ladies really know how to get the job done and make women feel beautiful. Keep up the excellent work!
Excellent customer service! Very friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable. Fatima did a wonderful job with my crochet loc style. She handled my hair with care. Fatima made me feel confident and beautiful!! Great staff and prices!! Many thanks and blessings I will be returning!!!
I am so grateful to have found this beauty salon! Prior to coming to Anita's shop, I hadn't visited a salon in approx. 7 years. This is mainly because I wore locks and maintained them myself. However, I made the mistake of using dye which thinned my hair so I'd succumb to having to cut them completely out. During this time, I was also under a lot of stress and so you can guess what begin to happen to my hair right. Nonetheless, the work and skill among these ladies is impeccable. I have had bouts of alopecia throughout my life, but never at the level the shop received me. Nevertheless, the women consoled me and with much gentleness. I read another's comment who stated that she experienced a lot of discomfort with the shop's crocheting technique. While I will not make light of someone's experience, I must say that again, all stylists are very gentle, and take their time. You are important there and not just another paying client. You matter! Your hair's health does also! While all of the various hair additive styles are beautiful, please understand that this shop goes beyond giving you a temporary look of beauty rather it is also a place of restoration where a woman can regain her confidence and love for herself because of the empowerment that is given through the talent and perfected skills of these ladies. So, here's to you Anita and may God bless you, your colleagues, and your business greater than the blessings you good-heartedly give to the community and beyond measures you cannot contain!
I have changed my tune about this business. I returned, after the weave, to get feaux locks and this experience was horrible. IF you like your appointment changed the night before with a promise that two people will work on your hair to shorten the time. However it turns out two people worked on you for about an hour and Anita was on the phone during that hour. IF you like that Anita couldn't achieve much on my hair in that hour because she was on the phone. The job took 7.5 hrs.... If you like your stylist to walk away, mid-service after being in the phone this whole time, to work on someone that arrived hours after you... IF you like your stylist to schedule appointments for the same time period you are there, knowing there aren't enough people to service you, the clients already there, and the ones coming.... IF you like to have to drive 30 mins out of your way to have your hair fixed a week after initially installed...... IF you like to have to return a couple times after the work was initially installed haphazardly.... IF you like that when you return your hair is done however just to get you out of there. IF you like having your fine hairs in the front pulled into the braid and combine two of your previous braids into one because again she wants to get you out of there.... IF you like to have to figure out how to salvage your hair to save on having to drive to have your hair fixed and dealing with the lack of care given to you.... If you like that your stylist tells you one price and changes when you get there....IF then you like your stylist to agree to wrapping your hair past your shoulders but doesn't do it for the entire head, only around the perimeter because it gives the illusion that she did what was desires.... IF you like to be taken advantage of while paying money for a service THEEENNN THIS IS THE SALON AND STYLIST FOR YOU. BECOME A CLIENT AT YOUR OWN RISK! I can't take away the skill of Anita's weave therefore if you want a good weave the foolishness would only have to be endured for a short while.
The ladies in this establishment are Awesome!!! The owner was very nice upon calling and it ended on an even better note with Amina completing my braid style!! I highly recommend giving them a call!!
I have to give me 10 thumbs up to Anita and Katie . Today was my very first day going there and I am so happy that I went. Katie probably arrive at 9 o'clock and begin braiding my hair ; she was finished with my Senegalese twist in four hours . I am very happy with my results and I will be sure that I recommend all of my family and friends . Thank you again ladies for your great service and hospitality. Yolanda from Houston
I have been getting my hair braided by Anita's since November 2016, with minimal hair fall, and have been a natural for 10 years. Having terrible experiences in the past with stylists who braided my hair which resulted in it falling out by the roots, I was resistant to try anyone new; however, I decided to take a step of faith and contact Anita, and have ABSOLUTELY NO REGRETS!! Anita was up front about the cost from the get go, the beauticians at her shop are prompt with appointment times, and were flexible with my personal availability. The new location is at a shopping center at the corner of Synott (near Eldridge) and Westheimer. When you walk in, you're welcomed with nothing short of smiles and Zen. Sending lots of love, hugs, and kisses to Khady and Fatima! These ladies are the nicest, most personable, most accommodating hair braiding heroes that I have ever had working on my hair. Furthermore, Anita will answer every question you have about the process and will be honest about what she feels will work best with your kind of hair, in a non-aggressive manner. Additionally, she's a lovely conversationalist who walks around the salon to ensure that your hair is being styled how you requested! As for the newest hairstyle , I'm in love AGAIN! I had originally planned on getting Senagalese twists but due to the type of hair I purchased, it could not be done. She does offer high quality, affordable hair in her shop (which, I would normally have purchased) but I decided to just use the ridiculously expensive hair that I had already purchased to get rid of it. I was a little reluctant to take her suggestion for micro braids because they are so tiny; however, I started getting compliments from strangers the moment I walked out of the salon and everyone at my job LOVES them! It's only been a couple of days but so far my head has not hurt and the hair has held up beautifully. As a matter of fact, I was able to put the hair up in a ponytail (by myself), with no tension on the edges within two days!! This particular style was only $250 and did I mention there is NO PAIN!!? Even my husband recommends Anita's to everyone and especially naturals. You guys are one in a million!
This is my first time at Anita's and my first time getting Senegalese Twists. It was a GREAT experience. I have long, thick, natural (unrelaxed) hair, and it took them 5 hours to complete the medium-sized twists. Anita estimated 6 hours on the phone and gave me the price ($244, including hair) ahead of time. I arrived 15 minutes late, but Anita's employees graciously waited for me and got started right away. Everyone was quick, friendly, and efficient. They have wi-fi, so I was even able to get some work done. The twists have been in for a week, and I am very happy with them! I highly recommend!
Great experience! Anita worked with my schedule and finished so quickly. This was my first visit and would recommend this salon to everyone!!!
I am transitioning into natural hair and needed something to delay the big chop. It's been so long since I've had braids/weave and my hair is growing out of a short style. I needed a consultation before making a decision on how to proceed. Prior to contacting Anita I called Elite hair braiding and Dani at B.ETC hair salon and both places did not return my calls after leaving detailed messages. Anita however was very different. She is extremely nice and took her time in my consultation. Her weave is the best I've had. She made sure my hair looked good after she completed the weave. In the past others have not done that. Before I could say anything Anita identified two areas that needed more hair to really look good. I'm very pleased and will return. I'm so glad I found her.
Wonderful customer service and experience from Anita. I called for an appointment with very little notice and she was still willing to accommodate.
Anita and staff are very nice and care about the integrity of their work. I have only been to her once and I plan on returning. Thanks Anita
I've been coming to Anita for 10 plus years. I actually drive from Port Arthur, Texas to come to Anita. She does it all from weaves, twist, braids, crochets..etc.. you name it she does it and well! It also helps that Ms. Anita has a very sweet spirit and she's very kind. Her talent is undeniable and I highly recommend her. So come by her shop and get your life!!!
I commute from Austin for exclusively for their quality work. I know when I come here I am going to walk out looking great. I always get so many compliments on my hair from my friends and family and even strangers. I definitely recommend coming here to get your hair braided or in twists. The ladies here are so skilled in their craft and they have been so nice and patient with me. I feel very comfortable here.
I moved out to this area almost a year ago and I have been searching high and low for someone to braid my hair. I went to another salon previously before coming to Ms. Anita and I was completely unsatisfied. I googled hair braiding and up pop's Anita's Hair Braiding page. I called her and set an appointment and I am truly happy that I did. She took the time to listen to what I wanted and not only did my hair exactly like the picture, but BETTER! I received so many compliments afterwards and it kept for about 2 months. Ms. Anita is definitely someone I would recommend to everybody I know out here. She's very professional and honest. I'm a forever fan.????
Thank u Mrs. Anita I love my braids I will definitely come again and let her braid my hair it's well worth every penny. :):):)
My name is Andrea, So where do I start! THIS PLACE IS AWESOME!!! This review is based on my very first visit. Anita is a class act. Her and her talented staff are the real deal. These ladies are punctual, respectful and really take pride in their work. The shop is cute and very clean in comparison to any other braid shop that I have been to not to mention my hair is absolutely beautiful I really am beyond pleased the price was fair and comparable to other local shops. I am so happy that I went and this is definitely my staple place for braids or weaves from now on!
Service was quick and friendly even got some delicious fried chicken and salad while getting my hair done????
Was really impressed by all the great reviews, and excellent customer service. So I had to give Anita a call. She was supper nice, and made me feel very welcomed and comfortable. The braiding process went supper fast. 3hrs tops for small box braids! Never have I been in and out of a chair so fast. I'm very picky about my braids and I'm so happy I decided to come to Anita. You won't be disappointed! Cant wait to show of my braids, right in time for Valentine's Day. I'll be back and will for sure spread the word! She slays!
Called last minute to get box braids because my hair was a mess. Not only did she take me as a client but she did my hair 3 hours. Very professional and I love my hair. Found me a new braider.
I had a great experience with Anita. I called looking for a last minute appointment and she fit me in within the hour that I called. I was going to look elsewhere because I wanted a cheaper price ( her prices are average, I'm just a college student who can't afford nice things lol) but Anita worked with me and got the price down to something that worked for me. She was so hospitable. She and two other women who are also stylists worked on my hair to get me out in very good timing, especially for getting box braids. On top of the my hair looks so great. I'm so impressed with the timing and expertise of Anita. Her service was very customer friendly. I will definitely be returning.
I absolutely love my hair! Ms. Anita was referred to me by a dear friend I work with & she give me 5 star treatment. Her work is phenomenally profesional & my weave usually last longer than any other stylist I've gone to. If you're looking for affordable classy weaves with a lasting quality braider definitely use Ms. Anita. I've been going to her for 4 years & I've never been disappointed! She is gentle & very fast. This is 5 stars for me because I despise sitting in a shop for hours with out being serviced. I like to get in the chair & get out. So if you have a busy life & you need your hair done cute, hit up the weave lounge
Absolutely love Anita! Her prices are reasonable and I'm never dissapointed after an appointment. I reccomend this shop over anywherw where else in houston.
Anita....She's amazing. I loooooove my hair. She was fast and my head feels good but my hair feels even better. She blended the weave flossly. FYI I GOT BOX BRAIDS. Happy customer. I will be going back
I love my hair! She did it exactly how I asked! I'm more than happy I went to anita's hair braiding! If I'm ever in Texas again I know who to call. She was nice & so was her staff I felt right at home. My box braids came out perfect. :)
So glad I chose Anita to braid my hair!! She was absolutely wonderful! My hair looked amazing and she was extremely professional! I will be coming again!
She has been doing my sew in for about 6 years now and my sister hair for about 10 years and she is great in what she does!! Please come and get your braids or sew in done today! Anita Rocks!!!
I found Anita's online and her ratings were great so I decided to check her out. I wanted to get my daughter's hair braided for the summer. I am beyond impressed with the time that it took and the attentiveness of her staff in making sure my daughter was well cared for. We will definitely be coming back. I set an apt for myself for next week for nubian twist. I would definitely recommend Anita. Thank you ladies.